Friday, 30 August 2013

DIY: How about using empty "Toilet Paper Rolls"...?

Posting after a very long time... :( ..Same extremely busy with some projects...!!

For this DIY craft... no newspapers but TOILET PAPER ROLLS...

Collect as many rolls you can. The more you have the better.

So let's get started........

Cut the roll into 3 equal parts as shown below.

Glue the edges if they pop out....

Now start putting the pieces together (do not glue them) in any pattern or design you like...It can be a geometric pattern or an abstract one...!!...I decided on a flowery design... :) ... It's easy and you don't need to follow any specific thumb-rule for this... ;) ...

Once you have finalized on the arrangement of the pieces decide on the colours you would like to paint them with... It can be a black-white combination / red-green / blue-white or a "blast of colours". If you do not like combinations...go with a single colour. You can also try painting the inner side of the pieces with one colour and the outer with another....!!
I decided to go with the red-brown combination.

After you are done with the painting leave the pieces to dry for about 1 hour. Once dried glue them together as per your pattern that you had decided. Now leave your "Designer art piece" to dry for a good whole one day.
Once dried you can hang it on the wall as shown below...

.... :) .... Have fun...!!

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  1. Gr8!! Even I tried my hands on it. It's real fun :)