Friday, 18 November 2011

WREATH...made from old magazine pages...!! is an interesting wreath that you can make straight from your home...Sounds interesting right...!!

First and foremost, go and search for a bundle of old magazines hidden somewhere in your cupboard. And before you rip it from its spine, please take a moment of thanks..."Thank you book for all your service" so that you don't feel guilty when you rip it apart...:)

So lets get started...You will need:
1) 2 to 3 magazines
2) Stapler
3) Glue
4) 10" x 10" hard cardboard
5} Strong string
6) Small & light decorative balls
7) Cello-tape

First, rip the book apart at the spine. Once you have open up the spine of the book take the pages out section by section and cut the edges straight. Take a page, put your hand in the corner, roll up the edge and its like a cone...!! Stick the other edge with cello-tape. It takes a little bit of practice...Be patient...!!

Make about a billion of these. OK do not panic. About 120.

Staple each cone 2" above the tip making sure the point of the cone is centered.

On your cardboard draw 2 circles- An 8 inch circle and a 4 inch circle with a thick dot in the middle. Draw them towards the bottom of the cardboard to make hanging it easier. 2 holes will be made at the top of the cardboard to hang it.

Fill the entire 8 inch circle with cones gluing the staple to the line. This staple pin works as a reference point for you. Add a second circle gluing the cones to the inner circle. Again taking the staple pin as the reference point glue it to the second inner line. Add a third circle to the center dot and press it all down.

Once you have finished gluing all the cones on the cardboard, you need to create a center piece or a focal point of the entire wreath. You can put some sparkling ornaments, natural potpourri or Christmas decorative balls...anything....!! Glue them in the center and make sure there is a mount in the middle. Here I have taken small plastic balls, put glue all over and sprinkled glitter powder. My decorative balls are ready.

Make 2 holes at the top of the cardboard and put the little string through them to make a loop.

Put it on a nail on the wall...and you have...a truly lovely WREATH...!!


  1. Hey Emreen...!! Thankyou so much for the comment..:)Please keep visiting this blog more often..!!

  2. danaaaaa... finally m here ,.. n ur work is awesum ... keep updating n keep us active creatively ... good luc

    1. Hey Zenu...thanks a lot...:)Will update you soon with some more fun things...:)

  3. cool. I am going to copy it - of course with your permission

    1. Hi Kevi...!! Nice to know that you liked my work...:) Sure you can go ahead & make this wreath...You will enjoy doing it...:)Will be back with some more works soon...!!

  4. idea...................m gonna mak it...

  5. Thanku for appreciating this work...:)...Sure and do share the pics with me...:)

  6. Hey Diana,
    My friends daughter made the same thing looking at the site, and won first place.U are an inspiration!


  7. Hey nice to hear this...Congratulate ur friend's daughter on my behalf...:)....