Friday, 9 December 2011

Do-It-Yourself..."A beautiful Vase"...

Here I am with… yet another creation of mine…’A vase- made from egg cartons’…!! Simple but interesting…!!

So let’s get started…

Take any type of container which will work as a very good base for the vase. It can be anything...which you feel is a waste. I had an empty ‘Pringle’ chips container which I thought was good enough for the base. I could not take out the sticker from the container so painted it with white acrylic paint. You can paint it with any colour you want. Let free your mind here…!! Go with any colour- light, dark, bold…any…J Apply around 2-3 coats.
Scared of bright & bold colours? Then go through my very first blog…!!

I have taken this type of carton. 

The top portion or the cover of the carton will have 2 cones (top cones) whereas the bottom portion will have 6 cones (bottom cones).

Cut the bottom tray into proper cones.

After cutting & trimming the cones will look like these.

Now cut & trim the top portion of the carton into these cones.

Now you need to make the petals of the flower. Take the bottom cone and slit it into 5 equal portions. 

Trim the top part of each portion giving it a petal shape. Repeat the same with the top cones except that the slit should not run down till the center.

What you need to do now is…take 2 bottom cones and 1 top cone and glue them at their centers as shown below.

Now start decorating these flowers using your own creative ideas. I wanted to keep it very simple. Since Christmas is round the corner so I thought of giving it a silvery touch. The edges of the flowers were touched up with silver glue. A small round mirror at the center of each flower is the perfect icing on the cake. 

After gluing all the flowers on the container, I was left with some space at the top. This space was just not enough for another round of flowers…So thought of winding a natural rope and ending it with a bow. In Hindi we call it rassi. It’s brown in colour. I searched the whole house but just could not find one. It is then that I chanced upon a match box which was simply there in my kitchen from many months. So I used these match sticks for filling up the space. Hope the idea clicked…!!

There are end numbers of ways to decorate your vase. You can have colourful flowers while keeping the base colour simple. But you need to paint them before gluing the cones. Instead of mirrors at the center put some colourful glue. If you have any ideas of your own please do share with me!

This vase stands proudly on my dining table now…!!

Hope you had fun going through this activity…J So next time think twice before throwing away the egg cartons…!

Will be back with something new very soon. JJ