Sunday, 12 February 2012

"A beautiful basket made with newspapers..."

I am back with yet another creation of mine…!! A basket made with newspapers…!!

Take a sheet of newspaper. 

Roll the paper as shown in the picture below.

To make the rolling easier you can place a broom stick or any similar thing as shown in the picture above and then roll it. 

Remove the stick when you reach midway and stick the end of the sheet after rolling. Make around 30-40 of these.

Now press flat each strip.

Next, take the flattened strip and wind it around a circular object.

Keep gluing in between while you are winding it. We do this so that it stays strong. (7)

We have here with us some circular rings now. (8)

Repeat the same with other strips and make around 25 such rings.

Take a ring and place it on a flat surface. This will be you center ring. Now glue 6 similar rings at the sides of the center ring. Allow this to dry for some time. Once the structure dries, take a strip and start winding it around the structure. (9)

You should have around 5-6 lines of these strips. (10)

After finishing the above instructions you will get this. (11)

Next step is to glue the rings at the edges in vertical position as shown in the pictures below. (12, 13)

Continue gluing till you complete the circle. Sometimes it may happen that after finishing this step you may be left with some gap between the first and the last ring…And the gap is not much to fit in another ring. So, to avoid this gap just have a trial before gluing the rings. If you notice that there will be a major gap then try to adjust in such a way that all the rings are equidistant with each other. (14)

Now take a sheet of newspaper and cut into half. (15)

Now fold this as shown in the pictures below. (16, 17)

Glue the last fold to get these strips. (18)

Take a strip and wrap it around 2 rings. (19)

See how much of the strip is needed to bind the 2 rings at the joint and cut the remaining strip. (20)

Taking the measured strip as your reference strip cut similar other strips.
Next step is to glue these strips around the joints where 2 rings meet. See the pictures below. (21, 22)

After finishing this it’s the turn of those strips which you had rolled in the very beginning. Start gluing strip by strip over the vertical rings. You should have three lines of these strips. Check the pictures below. (23, 24)

What you did at the joints of the 2 rings, same thing you need to repeat now. The picture below will show you what needs to be done next. (25)

To give the basket a raised effect, glue another round of rings below the base rings. (26)

Next which is the final step is to colour the basket. Go with any colour you like. You can paint it randomly or very neatly. I leave this step on you. I have painted it randomly to give it a rugged and old look…!! (27-34)

You can make loads of handicrafts with this technique …!! Will get back on this soon…!!
Let me know if you liked the basket…J