Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Why should I seek the service of an Interior Designer???"

I was thinking of writing this article since many days...Inspiration was an old friend of mine…!! A group of old friends were meeting after a very long time. We started talking about our good old college days stories, our personal lives and slowly the discussion moved onto our professional lives. I told them that I am an Interior Designer and I have started my own little firm in interior designing. They were listening quite interestingly... maybe because they did not meet people from a creative field like mine quite often in their everyday lives. And then one of them said…”Oh you designers are very expensive. We cannot afford you. Interior designers are meant only for the wealthy ones…You must be earning a lot and that too quite easily without doing much…!!...” It’s not easy when you hear such things regarding your profession. Being an Interior Designer I know how much hard work goes into each and every project we undertake. There’s an equal amount of mental as well as physical stress…!!
But I also do know that these kinds of reactions from people are completely normal and understandable based on the amount of information that exists in the market place about how the client/designer process works.

There are many misconceptions concerning this profession. Here’s what I would like you all to know:

1.     “Many think that they can save a lot of money if they do all the design work themselves by looking at several interior design magazines to take inspiration & idea and then source the materials and engage labor to do the project by themselves.”
Well that’s how one of my friends started and ended up spending more and wasting lots of space. There are people who think they can do everything; there is no harm in thinking that way, but then when you think of quality you should rely on the professionals. 
2.    “Interior designers have no regard for a client’s budget.”
Designers want to keep a client within budget rather than over. Budgeting is a priority when designers consult in the beginning of the project. Decisions are based on what the client can afford and getting the most out of their style mileage. 
3.    “Designers have homes like the ones they create for their clients.”
Most designers call their homes a “work in progress.” Since most of their time is focused on clients, many times their own homes are indefinitely put on the back burner. Designers feel more at ease experimenting in their own home because it does not demand the level of perfection they strive to achieve when creating a home for their clients. 
4.    “Designers are showy, unapproachable & consider themselves as superiors.”
Interior Designers are professionals who work with the homeowner, architect and contractors as an integral part of a team. Generally, they are affectionate, passionate and caring individuals who want their clients’ interiors to function as well as look good. 
5.    “Hiring an interior designer will cost a lot and is an unnecessary luxury meant only for the wealthy.”
That’s not true…!! The value that they bring is far less than what they charge or could cost you otherwise. And the best part is Interior designers work as per the space and budget you provide them. They can save you money, time and effort. The designing process, running around for the materials, getting the latest collection of materials at your door step, follow-up with the vendors, site visits, supervising the carpenters, meeting the deadlines are all done by the Interior Designer and making the process as low-stress as possible for their client. 
Interior Designers are professional people who have learned all about interior design and trained to design and decorate a home or office to save space, make it look good within a budget. Interior designers gain knowledge & experience by working on several designing projects, so they are the best people to rely on when you want your room to look good and see best utilization of available space. 
Clients have ideas of what they want their home to look like, while interior designers have the skills to create and implement those ideas. Although the creative process is what individuals may think of when hiring an interior designer, creativity only makes up 10 to 20 percent of the process, with 80 to 90 percent being implementation. To produce a flawless design from conception to execution, there are hundreds of steps that happen behind the scenes that the homeowner is never aware of. After evaluating the client’s needs and budget, the designer will often create three to four floor plans, elevation & sectional drawings, fabric selections and furniture style options before ever presenting a cohesive theme to the client. After the design concept is chosen, the implementation work begins: Figuring out dimensions, reconstructing electrical wiring if needed, researching countless sources, checking inventory, directing contractors, checking lead time on products, preparing for installation, budgeting a client’s finances and micromanaging the details of product transportation. 
Think of your designer as just a helping hand whose advice may save you from some expensive and time-consuming design set-backs. I know as an interior designer, I take the responsibility of helping my clients achieve a great living space that they'll love..!!

Hope I've tried to clear up some of the main reasons I've seen why so many people don't take advantage of professional design help when designing a home or even just a room in a home…!!

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