Tuesday, 6 November 2012

"Office Interiors"

An office space of 600 sqft...13 workstations...3 cabins, maximum storage and a reception area...!!

These were the requirements of my client. Since the client was very particular about vastu, extra care was taken while designing the office interiors. The budget was also a major concern. So, on the whole this project was quite a challenging one for me. This office is for the company called "Squall Solutions Pvt. Ltd." which I recently completed.

Let me take you through some pictures of this office...

The cabins: Unlike other clients this client was very much particular on having see-through cabins. She wanted a view of every inch of the office from her cabin.

Reception area:

Storage cabinets:


The artifacts displayed on the wall were bought by the client from Nigeria and requested me to use them in the interiors. There were two beams running across the office space which was not an appealing sight. So a false ceiling was designed in a way that the beams become a part of the design and also get hidden.

The 3 cabins:





The whole process of designing & execution took around one month. For any project to be a success the equation between the client & the designer matters a lot. This client was very co-operative and it was fun working together. This project will always be close to my heart...since it was a challenging one from every aspect and also may be because the client was just as amazing as the project...:)

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