Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An old iron trunk gets a make-over...!!...

It was one of those lazy days when I just do not like going out anywhere or meet anyone except read some magazines and watch television. I saw some old magazines kept on my work table and thought of stacking them in the store room. I always keep the old magazines instead of getting rid of them because I know...someday I will need these...!! While stacking these magazines in the store room I saw this old trunk. I thought...why not give this trunk a nice makeover and keep it inside my room itself for storing magazines. And the idea clicked...!! 

This trunk is about 30-35 years old...

Since it was a very old one I put metal primer first and then painted it.

Decoupaged it with some fresco painting pictures...!!

Some more fresco painting pictures...

The flowers and the vase are made of plastic water and cold drink bottles...!! If you liked these do go through my earlier post. And here is the link for the same... http://www.dianacrastainteriors.blogspot.in/2011_10_01_archive.html

Now it sits proudly in my room...!! Hope you all liked it...:)


  1. Liked it. It would have looked even more cute if you had painted some designs on them..

  2. Nice to know Vasudha that you liked this work of mine...And thank you for the painting suggestion...Will surely give it a try someday... :) ...