Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"New look to an old aluminium container..."

This aluminium container is an old one. I found it along with the trunk mentioned in my previous post (http://www.dianacrastainteriors.blogspot.in/2012/11/an-old-iron-trunk-gets-make-over.html).

So I started by putting metal primer first since it was a very old piece. And then painted it. Once the paint dried I decoupaged it with a sunflower cutting taken from a paper napkin sheet.

I left it to dry for about 2 hours and then spray painted it with a tooth-brush... 

So once it's done you can use it the way you want to...Here I have used it as a flower vase!

The stool below is also an old wooden one...painted it to give a warm look...!!

Magazine stand/ stool/ container/ case...!!...as u take it... ;)

You can use it to stack your books or diaries!!

Have different ideas of using it...do share with me...!!


  1. I like it as a planter. It would stand up to the weather outdoors with some drainage holes in the bottom.

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  2. Amazing idea...Will definitely give it a try...:) Thanks for sharing...!!