Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tour My Home...!!

I recently moved from a rented apartment to my new Bangalore, India!! It took a while settling my house but the time & effort put in was worth it and all the more fun.I like all kinds of interior styles but my heart goes out for the things which are rustic, earthy, natural, old or antique...and it reflects in my house I guess...:) By now through my previous posts you all must have got an idea that I am a great junk lover and you will see this in every corner of my house. 

So let me show you my house...

...!...My living area...!...

After designing furniture for so many clients this 'sofa set' was the first piece which I designed for my home :)

Bought this colorful 'dari' from Delhi, Paharganj for just Rs. 120/-...after much bargaining...!!

Wooden jaali partition picked up from a Kashmiri antique shop in Commercial Street, Bangalore...

My parents bought this 'sofa unit' nearly 20 years back and is still going strong. It was a cherry color sofa. I re-polished it into a dark brown shade to match it with my present sofa color...And not forgetting the bamboos in a huge earthen pot at the corner...!!

It's the same "Laughing Buddha" which sits between the 2 candles on the center table. A beautiful sight when a candle is lit from behind...

The side table is again a very old wooden piece which had a huge dome kind of a structure at the top. The dome was removed and a glass slab was placed to convert it into a side table...And the idea clicked...!!

An "Old Lantern"...Since it was rusted I painted to give it a fresh look. ..!! A big hug to my sister 'Zenu' who helped out with the painting job of all the painted pieces...:)

My sister bought these cute artifacts from Lucknow, India.

An old chipped aluminium container turned into a flower vase...To see how you can do it yourself go to the following link.

My kitchen...

Breakfast table'S'...These set of tables, chairs & stools used to be my sister's & my study unit when we were small.

Just to break the heavy wooden feel I painted those stools with bright green & white colors...Because this color combo reminds me of our school desks.

A small 'Curio stand' next to the breakfast table to keep my mugs & some knick-knacks...And the 'Victorian clock' bought from the same Kashmiri shop.

An old 'crockery unit' which is again painted to give it a 'country furniture look'...!!

View of the 'Dining Space' from the kitchen...

A solid old 'Chest of drawers' which used to be my family's dressing table. It had a beautiful mirror which broke. I have replaced it but still...the charm of that old one misses here. I've not given a shape to the mirror and the cluster work on it is still pending...Will update the picture once it's done...:) The flower vase which you see on the chest is made of egg carton. Want to check out this project? Click on this link

The wooden jaali partition gives the living & dining space it's own required privacy...!!

The dining table with a comfortable foot rest...

Some intricate iron & brass work on the dining table. Check out the minute designs on the iron sheet...

The stand on which the table fan is placed is quite an old piece which my father had bought...may be 25 years ago...!! It was in a very bad shape with cracked & chipped legs and my mother & sister wanted to get rid of it. Even I to some extent...but then I had lot of sweet memories of my father with this stand and the table fan. So I guess this was the best way I could keep those memories alive...:)

'The favorite corner' in my room. I just love 'Country style interiors' and I tried to make my room one...!...That book stand is an old one on which my mother used to keep the kitchen utensils. I painted it...and now it's my book rack. Old wooden stools...painted...used as my bed side-tables...:)

Old wooden chair...painted again...!

This was a very old trunk. After getting a new look it proudly sits in my room now...:) Check the following  link to know on how I renovated this old trunk.
And for the flowers & vase follow this link

My sister's room...which is always overflowing with her craft items...!

'The corridor'...The 'wreath' is made of magazine sheets...If you liked the wreath & want to try it yourself then the following link might help you.

There's still another room left waiting for some designing & renovation...:) For time being it's my crazy work place where I dump all my junk to create something funky...!!...:)

And hope you enjoyed my 'Home Tour'...:)


  1. Love the blog.

  2. Truly loved your decorating style and enjoyed your house tour. Loved going through your blog :)
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  3. Hi Disha, Nice to know that you loved my house tour...and thanks a lot for joining my blog...!!...Even you found a new follower ...:) ...

  4. absolutely beautiful & stunning, loved every corner of your home, truly fabulous! Started following ou now:)

  5. Hi Padmamanasa...thanks for stopping by and appreciating my home... Such compliments mean a lot and help me in creating something new & interesting each day... :) ...

  6. Diana , Excellent Work and fantastic recreation of your existing old things , awsome.

    Thanks - Kavitha