Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Basket made from newspaper sheets & orange peels"

Flowers & leaves made from orange peels...and a basket weaved with newspaper strips..!!..

Sounds interesting?? Let me show you some pictures of the basket which I made recently...

I weaved this basket with newspaper strips. The strength of the basket is similar to that of a cane one. It's made strong by brushing a paste of adhesive all around and left it to dry before painting it.

The flowers & leaves are made from orange peels.

How to make flowers & leaves from orange peels??? Here is the method...
Cut an orange into half. Scrap out the pulp from the two halves. Take one half of the scrapped & cleaned orange peel or skin and with a pair of scissors start cutting from an edge... a continuous strip (the thickness can be around half an inch). Stop once you are about to reach the thicker part of the peel at the bottom. The single long strip which you have cut will be slightly curvy. Now wind or roll the strip and stitch the end part of the strip with the help of a needle & thread so that it stays intact and doesn't open. Follow the same with the other half also. Next...take the bottom part of the peel which you had left while cutting the strips and make the leaves. You just have to cut the peel with a pair of scissors to give it the shape of a leaf. Cut out different sizes of leaves.Once done keep them under the sun to dry. Keep turning them over every 1 hour so that it dries equally from all sides. Remove them when hard. Untie the thread and you get the shape of a flower. The leaves will also be slightly twisted & curved. Now paint the flowers & leaves with whichever color you want. 

You can use it as a flower basket or use it to keep magazines & newspapers...or simply as a decorative piece...!! 

I hope you liked it...:)

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